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After trialing a few other softwares, in Noona HQ, I finally found a very clean and easy solution that allows me to focus more on my own customers.

Dora | Salon owner

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What devices do I need to have to use Noona?

Noona HQ works on all devices, anywhere and anytime. Some people prefer a computer because it's easier to write on them. Others want a tablet so it can be easily moved within the living room. Others use the calendar only on their phones. It's your choice.

Does Noona really cost nothing?

How do I get started?

Is Noona’s customer support really 24/7?

When are reminders sent to my customers?

Can I try an upgrade before deciding to subscribe to it?

What happens when the trial period ends?

What happens if I want to cancel my paid subscription?

How do online bookings work?

What happens after I accept or deny a request?

What information does my client have to provide to book online with me?

Can I decide which staff member and which service is available for Online Bookings?

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