Free massage booking software 🚀

A flexible all-in-one booking & sales system, that helps you get the most out of your massage parlour.
Massage parlor software

Since when was the best also free?

Everyone can use the core part of our product completely for free … forever. We do have some nice add-ons as well but they are absolutely optional.

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Massage parlor booking app

Make the phone go quiet

Accept Online Bookings

Easily accept and manage online bookings through your website, Google, Facebook and wherever your audience is. No more waiting by the phone 24/7.

Client CRM

All your clients in one place

With Noona’s client CRM you can see the complete history of every client, every appointment, every note, every message, and every sale.

Massage parlor CRM
Massage parlor POS

A built in Point of Sale

Sell More - Sell Faster

Simplify your accounting and increase oversight of revenues with our point of sales system. Make use of discounts or customer purchasing history to sell more!

The right tools to grow your massage parlour



Powerful calendar for all your needs


Mobile app

Scheduling everywhere, any time


Online bookings

Give clients the power to self book


SMS Reminders


Notify your client 24 hours before


Drag and drop

Easy and flexible calendar experience



Get notified when clients book


Unlimited members

No limit on who can join your team



Email and push notification for clients


Clients list

All your clients in one overview

automatic reminders

No more no-shows

Reduce no shows by sending automatic reminders to clients before their appointments.
massage parlor clients

No more commission fees

Don’t pay for new clients.  Be found for free on our Noona marketplace.
Next available booking

No more empty slots

Fill your calendar by allowing clients to easily book appointments in available slots.

Want to talk to a human?

We love to solve problems, drinking coffee and talking to business owners.
In person, via Zoom, call or email – it’s your choice.

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What the FAQ?

Why use Noona HQ for my massage parlour?

Noona HQ has helped hundreds of massage parlour owners get more out of their business - wether it's by reducing no-shows, making the phone go quiet, or by making it easy for clients to book their appointments online.

How can I use Noona HQ to manage my massage parlour?

To start, simply sign up using the link in the top right and follow the guided instructions. No credit card required. With your free account you can start accepting and managing online bookings as well as be found on the Noona Marketplace.

Is Noona HQ really free for massage parlours?

Yes! Noona HQ is free to use forever. The free plan covers all the basics to help make your salon more efficient. You can level up your game with some paid power-up if you really want to grow your business.

What device do I need to use Noona HQ?

Noona HQ works on all devices, anywhere and anytime. Some people prefer computers because it's easier to type with them. Others want a tablet so it can be easily moved within the living room. Others use the calendar only on their phones. It's your choice.

How to set up a Noona account for my massage parlours?

By signing up with the link in the top right, you will be able to create a Noona account for your business allowing you to be found on the Noona marketplace. Don’t forget there are no commission fees on any client that comes to you from the Noona marketplace.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Hair stylists

Noona HQ is user friendly from A to Z.

The online requests are brilliant. We spend way less time on the phone. Our sales have increased considerably, as has our level of service.

I recommend Noona HQ 100%.

Get started today, no credit card required

Everyone can use the core part of our product completely for free… forever. We do have some nice power-ups as well but they are absolutely optional.