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We’ve always had a 14 day free trial but we’ve always felt like 14 days was not enough to truly experience the Noona magic.

Furthermore, we don’t want money to be the reason someone can’t possibly use Noona HQ and offer their services on the ever-growing Noona marketplace.

That is why, we decided to start offering a “free-forever” version of Noona HQ that allows you to appear on the Noona marketplace without paying anything.

What can you do in this free version of Noona HQ? Good question! You can:

  1. Create an account
  2. configure your service list
  3. invite all of your co-workers
  4. download all of our mobile apps
  5. book your own appointments inside of Noona HQ
  6. … and start accepting appointment requests from your customers via Noona.

In addition to that, we also decided to offer all new users free trials of our two paid add-ons, “Appointments Pro” and “Point-of-sale”.

What do these add-ons (we call them power-ups, btw) do for you?

Appointments pro

  1. Unlimited client history: our freemium version has limited client history so you cannot see their entire visit and purchase history
  2. SMS message reminders and marketing blast-messages
  3. Waitlists and memos that appear inside of your calendar just where you need them
  4. Improved controls over online bookings:
  5. Screen requests with the power to accept/deny incoming requests
  6. Allow customers to book appointments without confirming their phone number
  7. Add a booking widget to your website!
  8. … and more


Experience the power of having everything in one place: customers, appointments and sales!

Our built-in POS system is special-made for service providers that accept appointments, meaning it’s the fastest and most smooth sales experience you can find.

Furthermore, it’s designed to help you sell more with upselling and loyalty features.

Read more about our point-of-sale system here.

Začněte ještě dnes bez nutnosti zadávat platební údaje

Každý může používat základní funkce našeho systému zcela zdarma... a to napořád. Máme taky pár skvělých vylepšení, ale to, jestli je budete používat, záleží jen a jen na Vás.

Comece hoje, não necessita de cartão de crédito

Todos podem usar a parte principal do nosso produto totalmente de graça… para sempre. Temos alguns power-ups legais também, mas eles são absolutamente opcionais.

Þú getur byrjað í dag, án þess að fara í áskrift

Allir geta notað aðal partinn af kerfinu okkar algjörlega frítt… að eilífu. Við að vísu bjóðum uppá nokkra góða ofurkrafta en þeir eru algjörlega valkvæmir.

Get started today, no credit card required

Everyone can use the core part of our product completely for free… forever. We do have some nice power-ups as well but they are absolutely optional.