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Apr 27, 2023

10 Stunning salon interior design ideas to dazzle your clients

If you are searching for hair salon interior design inspiration, look no further. Check out our expert guide for creative ideas and practical tips!

What are the main elements that create a positive hair salon experience for the clients? Most business owners would list things like the skill of the hairstylists, the level of customer service provided, and the parlor’s location. While all these factors are important, there’s one thing that’s missing from the list - the interior. 

A unique hair salon interior design is far more than just aesthetics - it’s a way to appeal to the right audience and stand out from the competition. That’s why it’s essential to make design choices thoughtfully and with due preparation.

 In this guide, we’ll share some practical tips for picking the right concept for your hair studio’s interior and show you examples that you can use as inspiration for your project.

Getting Started: Determine the Design Concept

Before delving into salon design inspo, take some time to define your brand if you haven’t done it yet. 

You are sure to come across many exciting ideas, but blindly mashing them up together is almost always doomed to fail - the result is likely to look inauthentic and tacky. So, the first step to creating an appealing interior design for your salon is to decide on its concept. 

Here are some questions to help you make informed choices:

  • What is the message you want to deliver? Whether you are operating your business with a focus on eco-friendliness, trying to create a relaxed atmosphere, or are aiming for a luxury look, your interior design can help convey this message.

  • Who are your target clients? Perhaps, your target audience consists of people of a specific gender? Or maybe there is a certain age group you are mainly focusing on? Make sure the design of your parlor reflects that.

  • What will help you stand out? Conducting a competitor analysis should also be an integral part of your decision-making process. After all, having an interior similar to the one of a hair studio across the street will require you to work a lot harder to stay ahead of the competition.

By answering these questions, you create a solid base to rely on when choosing the design solutions for your hair salon.

Top 10 Interior Design Styles for Your Hair Studio

Now that you have a clear idea of your hair salon design in mind, it’s time for the most exciting part - looking for inspiration. One great way to save your finds is to create a mood board on Pinterest or in a tool like Canva.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best design concepts:

  1. Minimalist - Less is More

The key characteristics of a minimalist interior design are:

  • Simplicity

  • Clean lines

  • Monochromatic palette with one or two accent colors 

  • Open floor plan

  • Abundance of light

If you want to design a hair salon in a minimalist style, try to get only a few pieces of furniture that are simple yet functional. 

Such interiors often feature white or light walls paired with one or two accent colors to make the space more vibrant. 

A minimalist design is a great solution for smaller studios, as it makes them feel roomier. It also gives a pristine, clutter-free, and professional feel to the place, making it appealing to a wide range of customers.

  1. Retro - Nostalgic and Fun

A retro interior design creates an atmosphere that reminds of the “good old days” with the help of elements like:

  • Lighting styled to match a specific period

  • Vintage items on the walls

  • Bright color accents

  • Old-style furniture

You can find inspiration for an old-fashioned hair parlor virtually in any era. However, the 50s, 60s, and 70s tend to be among the most common choices.

A great feature of the retro design solution is that you can tweak it depending on your target audience. 

Want to attract younger customers? Try incorporating a quirky 1940s-inspired neon sign. 

Or, perhaps, you are going for a classier look? Then, brass lamps from the 1950s and some vintage furniture could do the trick.

  1. Natural - Go Green

Natural interior design often incorporates such details as:

  • Wooden furniture and shelves

  • Curtains from natural fabrics

  • A lot of plants

  • Plenty of natural light

Adding natural and nature-inspired decor elements into your hair studio’s design will create a look that gives off a fresh, pure, and relaxing vibe.

Natural interiors use an earthy color palette, including all shades of beige, brown, green, gray, and black. 

Remember that such design is often associated with the salon’s philosophy. So if you choose this concept, the clients are likely to expect you to use eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and fair-trade materials.

  1. Bohemian - Mix and Match

If you like the earthy palette but prefer to add some twist to it, the bohemian style interior design, more commonly known as “boho,” might be the perfect option for you. 

It’s a free-spirited, eclectic aesthetic with an emphasis on organic elements.

The main characteristics of this style include:

  • A fun mix of textures and patterns

  • Artistic accessories

  • Color experiments

  • Plants as a part of the vibrant design

  • Vintage-looking furniture

Boho creates a relaxed vibe and is often referred to as the opposite of minimalism since it’s not aiming for that “clean look.” It creates more of a casual interior where items that were left lying around wouldn’t appear as careless but rather contribute to the overall mood.

  1. Glam - Luxury and Elegance

Hair studios with a glam interior design have an airy, upscale feel. You can create such a space by combining the following details:

  • Luxurious-looking fabrics like velvet and suede

  • Glittering metals - gold, silver, brass, etc.

  • Expensive furniture and accessories

This type of hair salon will attract customers who are willing to pay more and are expecting a 5-star experience, so make sure you hire only expert stylists and provide the best customer service possible.

  1. Industrial - Packed With Character

Industrial interior design is rather unconventional and is sure to attract the bypassers’ attention. So, if you feel like it matches your aesthetic, this could be the ideal choice for your studio to stand out from the competition.

A salon in an industrial style will typically sport elements like:

  • Vintage accessories

  • Seemingly unfinished or unrefined elements

  • Antique-looking and sometimes mismatched furniture 

  • Exposed wiring or ductwork

  • A mix of textures often featuring bricks, concrete, and weathered wood

Industrial-themed interiors use mostly gray and earthy brown hues while taking advantage of smartly placed contrasts. The furniture usually looks rugged and is often made with wood and metallic elements.

Industrial style goes exceptionally well with abstract art and photography, so don’t miss out on experimenting with such pieces.

  1. Neoclassical - Sophisticated and Airy

If your salon boasts a spacious layout and has plenty of natural lighting, you should definitely consider designing it in a neoclassical style.

Such interiors usually feature:

  • Emphasized horizontal and vertical lines

  • Symmetric layouts

  • Geometric decorative elements

  • Classical architectural details, like columns and high ceilings

  • Large windows and mirrors

Remember that even though the neoclassical design has a luxurious ambiance, it favors moderation. So, to keep the space elegant, avoid too much decor and only add pieces that bring value.

  1. Art Deco -  Shining Splendor

Art Deco can bring the glamor of the roaring '20s to any space, even to a 21st-century hair salon. 

If you choose this design style, make sure you use such signature elements as:

  • Symmetrical patterns

  • Linear and angular shapes

  • Accessories and furniture using steel, mirrors, glass, and chrome

  • Marble floors and countertops

This interior style is as fun as the era it originates from - there’s plenty of room for you to experiment with the design. Mix colors, shapes, and patterns for a stunning and unique result!

  1. Moody - The Dark Charm

While many hair salons aim for a light and airy interior, why not try something completely different? A dark and moody design can look chic and create a very special vibe in your studio.

Here are some characteristics that make the moody interior design style stand out:

  • A darker background, often with hues of gray or black

  • Metallic accents

  • Dim lighting

  • Statement pieces that contribute to the atmosphere, like chandeliers or statues

A moody interior is bold and has tons of character, so it is likely to be appreciated by a sophisticated audience. However, clever marketing can also make it appealing to younger customers who often look for unusual experiences.

  1. Classical - Timeless Beauty

A classical design will charm your hair salon visitors with harmony and order. Even though this style favors structure and balance, interiors that use it look very cozy because of the abundance of accessories, texture, and finishes.

Here are some key characteristics of a classical interior design:

  • Elegant furniture that often features turned legs

  • Symmetry 

  • Nature-inspired palette, soft tones rather than bold colors

  • Moldings and murals

  • Crystal chandeliers

For an authentic classical look, go for off-white or beige tones in the interior. Other nature-inspired shades will also work - this includes soft hues of yellow, blue, green, and brown.

Having some fresh flowers or potted plants in your hair studio will complement the classical interior and add a fresh touch to it. 

Best Design Elements to Create a Custom Salon Interior

Now you know the top 10 design styles that would look amazing in a hair salon. However, you don’t always have to play by the rules - adding some fun details will help you create a remarkable interior.

Here are some examples of our favorite design elements that you can use to create a truly unique space:


No matter if we are talking about mirrors, windows, or doorways, arched shapes will take your hair studio to a new level, creating a more spacious and expensive feel to it.

Unusual Ceiling

Why not add an awe-inspiring ceiling to your hair salon’s interior? Here are some ideas:

  • Abstract installation

  • Ceiling mural

  • Unusual lights

  • Tiles

  • Plants

The number of options is only limited by your imagination and budget.

Ethnic Vibes

If you specialize in hairstyles for a particular ethnicity, you can reflect it in your studio’s interior. You can either build the whole design concept around it or introduce it more subtly through art and accessories.


There’s so much you can do with lighting to make your hair salon unique! From futuristic-looking neon lights to vintage lamps - explore the options and pick those that match your studio’s character best.

Unusual Color Palette

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns - they are your best friends in creating a memorable interior your clients would want to return to again and again.

3 Impressive Salon Designs for Your Inspiration

Hopefully, you have already found some ideas for your salon in our guide and can’t wait to start implementing them. But, before you do it, take another moment to check out our top three picks of hair studios that, in our opinion, have some of the most outstanding interiors.

  1. Vibrant Hair Salon by Jacksam Yang

The Vibrant Hair Salon, with its greenery-filled ceiling, gives the minimalist interior a wow factor. This hair studio with an award-winning design lets its visitors escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and relax while receiving top-notch service.

  1. G Space Hair Salon by Han Yue

The G Space Hair Salon is a brilliant example of industrial style. But while it is comprised of all the traditional features characteristic of such interiors, its clever use of lighting makes it look exceptional.

  1. Milek Design Hair Salons

The design of this space is our favorite from the Milek Design chain because of the brave and tasteful mix of textures, colors, patterns, and styles. The asymmetric decor elements and mismatched furniture in this hair studio make it look effortlessly chic, and we’re here for it!

Ready to Create Your Own Unmistakable Interior?

And there you have it - some beautiful inspiration to style or revamp your studio. 

Before you get started with your project, here are a couple more important pieces of advice:

Remember to have fun and enjoy the creative process! You can always play around with the hair salon interior design tips and concepts mentioned above and spice them up with unconventional ideas to make your space unique.

Also, keep in mind that even after your salon's interior decoration is complete, the work isn't over. Your clients are sure to notice if some element doesn't match the settings. Anything from a messy counter to a disorganized computer screen can ruin a customer's impression, so attention to detail is key.

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Learn the how & why of Noona in 30 mins

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    Online appointments

    Appointment calendar

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    Unlimited client history

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Talk to a human

Schedule a guided walkthrough of Noona HQ

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Learn the how & why of Noona in 30 mins

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    Online appointments

    Appointment calendar

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    Unlimited client history

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