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May 19, 2023

20 Instagram-worthy hair salon design ideas on a budget

Transform your hair salon into a social media sensation with these budget-friendly design tips and tricks. Get ready to capture the attention of both your clients and online followers with these breathtaking salon designs!

Putting together a design that works for your hair studio is an investment that can cost a pretty penny - unless you go about it the smart way. Luckily, there are many hair salon ideas on a budget that will make your space Instagram-worthy. 

Creating your vibe doesn’t have to cost a fortune 

In this guide, we’ve collected plenty of useful tips and decor examples for you to use in your projects. Let’s get stuck in some creative inspo! 

Eye-Catching & Affordable Design Ideas for Your Hair Parlor 

Think about it: a single Instagram-worthy design detail in the interior can encourage your clients to share photos from their appointment, make your hair salon gain attention online, and attract hundreds of new visitors.

So, if you feel like your salon could use some additional decor but are not sure where to get some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at some of the best creative ideas we’ve selected:

  1. Selfie Corner

When is the best time to take a selfie? After a freshly done haircut, of course! Your clients will be elated if your salon has a corner that looks like it was made for taking photos.

The good news is that creating such a space is fairly inexpensive and doesn’t require too much effort. To build a perfect selfie station, you will need to do the following:

  • Create a beautiful backdrop - It’s best to think of a background that represents your brand and uses your color palette or logo. Otherwise, remember that you can never go wrong with a flower wall.

  • Add a place for sitting - It could be a comfortable sofa, a statement chair, or even a hanging swing - choose what fits your interior best.

  • Take care of the lighting - A ring light is a staple for a glowy look.

  • Don’t forget cute props - Some props that match your brand, like balloons or a signboard, will add fun to the process of taking a selfie. 

You are free to adjust these elements according to your budget. For example, you could focus on creating a great background and lighting and leave out the props and sitting space.

  1. Photo Wall

If you feel like setting up a selfie station is too complex, here’s another idea - create a photo wall. All you will need to implement it is an Instax camera and a place to hang the pictures.

Once you have these two things, you can take photos of your clients before and after the haircut at your salon and display them on the wall. Note that not every visitor would be up for it, so asking for consent is a must.

Soon enough, you’ll have a creatively decorated wall that displays some examples of your hairstylists’ work - what a great combo!

Another variation of a photo wall is a gallery of your colleagues’ photos. Remember to take pictures on special days like the salon opening and anniversaries, as well as on regular weekdays to capture the work process.

  1. Drinks Station

Some high-end salons nowadays choose to open a cafeteria at the same venue so that the customers could enjoy some drinks and snacks before or after their appointment. How about taking some inspiration from this idea and optimizing it for a smaller budget?

Creating a stand with drinks in the waiting area of your salon won’t cost much but surely will make a good impression on your customers.

Not to worry - you won’t have to serve the drinks yourself. You can set up a self-service station and simply take care of the refills every once in a while. 

  1. Creative Mirror Placement

Mirrors are truly versatile decorative elements. They can easily fit any interior and make a room look more spacious.

Of course, there is no way a working area in a hair salon could go without mirrors, but have you thought of using them in other parts of your studio? 

For instance, the waiting area or the entryway would benefit from some creatively placed mirrors.

  1. Beautiful Artworks

If you have an empty wall in your salon, you can fill it up with artwork, like paintings on canvas or posters. 

Remember to select pieces that are special and reflect your brand rather than simply copying what you saw elsewhere.

  1. Unique Mural

Indoor murals have the power to transform the space completely. While large murals can be costly, you can try to collaborate with aspiring artists who are still working on their portfolios and charge a lower price. 

You could also decide to create a DIY mural if you have the time for it. After all, even a complete beginner can paint a simple design that will provide the splash of color your salon needs.

  1. Plants

Nothing freshens up the look of an interior like live plants. Luckily, most of them are not too costly and can be the perfect decor solution for business owners on a tight budget.

However, before filling up your hair salon with plants, note that they will need constant care. So, if there is no one in your team who can devote some extra time to this task, choose greenery that is less demanding, such as succulents and cactuses.

  1. Neon Lights

Neon signs are eye-catching, stylish, and, most importantly, effective: 64% of respondents from a recent survey admitted that a bright sign that uses creative lighting effects would attract their attention more than something simply informative.

Rest assured: ordering a custom neon sign with your salon’s motto or a cool quote that matches your vision will pay for itself in no time.

  1. Floating Shelves

Nothing beats decor elements that look good, don’t cost a lot, and are functional. For instance, floating shelves won’t take up a lot of space in your salon yet will provide you with plenty of value.

You can use them to display products for sale, place pots with plants, and keep any accessories that fit the interior. Be creative - experiment with colors and shapes to achieve a truly unique look.

  1. Comfortable Waiting Area

The effort you put into making your waiting area comfortable will be appreciated by the customers. Details like magazines, pillows, carpets, and blankets will not only make the waiting time more pleasant for your clients but also help the space look cozier.

  1. Inviting Display Window

Your hair salon’s display window is often the first thing that catches the eye of potential visitors, so it’s important to make it stand out. 

Here are some budget-friendly materials you can use to decorate the display window:

  • Flower garlands

  • Neon sign

  • Origami

  • String lights

  • Vinyl stickers and decals

Be creative! Since designing a window display isn’t that costly, you can even make seasonal changes to it. Such decor will attract the bypassers’ attention, encourage them to take photos, and inspire them to share the snaps on social media.

  1. Reception Desk

The reception desk is no less important than a display window when it comes to creating a positive first impression for your customers. Luckily, there are many ways of making this part of your salon Instagram-worthy even with a tight budget. 

Decorate your reception desk with elements like:

  • Flower arrangements

  • Garlands

  • String lights

  • Potted plants

The list goes on!

  1. Colors That Pop

Many hair salon interiors use mainly white and pastel colors. While it’s a classic solution that never fails, you should still consider other options.

Walls painted in unusual colors are more complicated to match to the furniture, yet the results are worth the extra effort. Bold hues create a unique personality for your salon that will make it more instagrammable and help it stand out from the competition.

  1. Blackboard

A blackboard is a great decor element that comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you opt for a small sign, a blackboard wallpaper, or anything in between, you will get a versatile piece that you can adjust to fit your salon’s needs and interior.

You can use the blackboard to write down your opening hours, display an inspirational quote, or draw some art. The best part of it is that you can change the design whenever you want!

  1. Bathroom

Designing the salon’s bathroom in a way that your customers won’t be able to resist taking selfies there is yet another winning tactic to go viral on Instagram. 

You don’t have to spend a lot when decorating the bathroom - a fun wallpaper or even a big poster could be a great photo backdrop. However, remember that lighting is key for a great selfie, so make sure to take care of it.

  1. Shelf With Hair Coloring Products

If your salon offers hair coloring services, use it as a design opportunity! Instead of storing the products in closed spaces, display them on open shelves. 

Arranging the boxes by color will make it easy for the hairstylists to find what they need while also creating a pleasant and instagrammable view.

  1. Lamps that make a statement

As mentioned before, lighting plays a huge role in a salon’s design - in fact, it has the power to change the ambiance of a space. So, if you feel like your hair studio is missing something, consider investing in a statement lamp.

  1. Doorway Mat

Creating an Instagram-worthy decor is all about the details. Even such a subtle element as a doorway mat will help your clients feel more welcome. 

Besides, it’s yet another opportunity to make your salon stand out. Order a custom piece featuring your logo and motto, a memorable quote, or a funny saying, and you’ll be surprised by the number of people who will be willing to take a photo from the moment they step into your hair parlor!

  1. Upcycled Furniture

Another great way to add a unique touch to your salon without spending a lot is to use upcycled furniture. 

Some interior design styles like boho, rustic, and industrial will only benefit from the look of slightly rugged and even mismatched pieces.

  1. Ceiling Pipes

A lot of commercial venues nowadays feature exposed pipes on the ceiling. Trying to cover them up can be quite pricey. 

However, there’s a more budget-friendly alternative - paint the pipes in a hue that matches the ceiling or, on the contrary, pick an accent color that would make them stand out. A modern, eclectic, or industrial interior would only benefit from such a textured look.

Where to Get Affordable Decor Elements?

The decorative elements we’ve mentioned above are all budget-friendly, and investing in them will definitely pay off. But how do you make sure that you get the best deal when shopping for them?

Here are the top ways to avail of hair salon decor at the most affordable price:

  • Thrift - Second-hand shops often offer furniture and other items that can be used in interior decoration at lower prices than any retail store would. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to get one-of-a-kind pieces in a sustainable way.

  • Online marketplaces - Platforms like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress have plenty of low-cost options you can use for your salon’s decor. You can also opt for Etsy if you’re looking for something more crafty. Remember to dedicate some time to finding the best listings and checking out the reviews to avoid receiving low-quality items.

  • Big sales - Sometimes, you can get a steal of a deal even at luxury retail stores, so keep monitoring them when in search of new decor elements.

  • DIY - If you are an artistic person yourself who is interested in building or upscaling some pieces of decor, check out DIY tutorials and give them a try!

When doing your research, it’s best to browse through all these options to make sure you score the best deal out there! 

Additional Tips to Make Your Hair Salon Instagrammable

Now you know how to make your salon’s interior Instagram-worthy. However, creating a beautiful design of the space is often not enough to get the desired traction on social media. 

Here are a few additional tips for you to step up your salon’s Instagram game:

  • Create an Instagram profile. Having an Instagram account dedicated to your hair salon will be extremely useful in promoting your services. You can post aesthetic photos of your interior, some great haircuts your stylists do, and any other relevant updates. Your customers, on the other hand, will be able to tag your salon, which, in turn, will encourage other users to check out your page.

  • Make an Instagram location for your salon. When your clients will be posting photos from your salon, many of them will want to pin the place instead of tagging the account. So, it’s important to create a custom location as well to enable even more people on Instagram to share info about your business.

  • Come up with a hashtag. Yet another way to make your salon easier to promote on Instagram is to create a unique hashtag. You can incorporate it into your decor elements, such as the blackboard and selfie station, to make your profile even more discoverable.

  • Generate a catchy motto. A motto that’s inspiring, fun, and easy to remember will be a cherry on top for your Insta promotion. Remember to use it to its fullest potential in places like your window display, reception desk, neon sign, and entryway decor!

We chose to add these tips to the list of hair salon ideas on a budget, as they don’t cost anything to be implemented yet will go a long way in putting a spotlight on your interior decoration efforts.

All in all, remember that the ultimate trick to creating an Instagram-worthy decor is to put yourself into your customers’ shoes. Try to picture what you would be excited to see in a hair salon and which details would make your experience positive and memorable. Then, use the tips mentioned above to get the best price deals and promote the results!

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    Online appointments

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